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3 Ways to Make Real Wedding Blogs More Unique

“Blogging real weddings is SO hard—I just keep writing the SAME THING ?”

^ every wedding pro who’s doing 48,389,298 weddings this year.

Unfortunately, I have to agree—I see it too.  As a wedding SEO specialist, I read and optimize a lot of real wedding blog posts,  and a lot of them fall back on the same formula:

“This couple is so kind and SO in love!”
“As soon as we met, we felt like best friends.”

If that sounds like you, it’s time for a new approach.

The three ideas below will help your real wedding blog posts be more unique and more effective at bringing you inquiries.  You might even have more fun writing by taking a different angle!

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Option 1: Focus less on the couple’s story and more on the execution of the wedding day

This works especially well for wedding planners and designers.  Instead of writing a long post about how the couple met and how they got engaged, focus on the wedding itself.

  • What did the couple want their wedding to feel like?
  • What was your inspiration?
  • How did you make that happen?
  • What details made it personal to them?

And then—

  • How did it come together?
  • How did the venue factor into the atmosphere of the day?
  • What was your favorite moment to see or create?

A real example

My wedding planner client Natalie is a whiz at this kind of blog post.  Check out how she detailed her couple’s personalities and inspiration into a compelling story in this real wedding at the Crane Estate and this stunning micro wedding.

I love how these posts shows her expertise and the thought and care her team puts into planning a wedding.

Option 2: Focus less on the couple’s story and more on the venue

wedding venueGoogle searchers who land on this post a year from now were probably looking for images from a venue they’re considering—They’re not looking for Susanna and Nicole’s love story.

So help readers learn more about the venue.

  • Why did Susanna and Nicole choose the venue?
  • Why was it a great fit for them and their personalities?
  • What locations did they use for their ceremony and reception?
  • What was your favorite secret spot that you discovered there?
  • Why do YOU love the vibe and want to work there more?

Option 3: Write the post like a case study, with a challenge and solution

I heard Christie Osborne of Mountainside Media recommend this in a Clubhouse room, and I love it. She recommended identifying a problem and solution story within a real wedding.

Not only does solving a problem make the blog post compelling to read (you gotta find out what happens!), it is a great way to highlight your value as a wedding pro.

What was a challenge or problem you faced before or during this wedding day?  A few examples might be:

  • A weird local government ordinance
  • A large guest list
  • A request for a unique color palette
  • Forecast for monsoon rains all weekend
  • High winds
  • Insanely bright sun

Tell that story, and then explain how you solved the problem (brought umbrellas, moved the entire wedding, found stunning indoor photo locations, etc).

Readers will get an immediate sense for your expertise and the cool way you handle a difficult situation.  This will absolutely sell your services better than telling a couple’s engagement story.

Take one of these three ideas for your next blog post, and let me know if it ends up feeling more unique for you!

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