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SEO Lunch and Learn instructor Sara Dunn

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AI & SEO: How to Stay on Google's Good Side

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AI tools are promising a lot these days: they can come up with content topics, outline them, and even write whole blog posts for you. But should you use AI to do this for your business? And how does Google feel about it?

Join me for this free Lunch & Learn, and we'll talk all about how to safely use AI tools in a way that won't tick off the Google machine.

In just 30 minutes, you'll find out:

  • Google's stance on AI (do they hate it, or... not?)
  • 3 things I never want to see you do with AI if you want to rank on Google
  • My guidelines for using AI to speed up your SEO and content process

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More about the SEO Lunch & Learn series

My burning desire is to help wedding professionals get accurate, up-to-date information about search engine optimization. Let's get crystal clear on how you can make search engines love your website.

This is a pitch-free live session, just intended for you to learn something new about SEO for your wedding business.

Make your lunch and then pull up to your screen live. We'll jump on for about 30 minutes, and I'll walk you through some SEO basics you absolutely need to know. We'll leave a few minutes for Q&A if you have any questions.

Can't join live?  There is a replay posted for 2 weeks, and it will be available to watch immediately at the same link.

Meet your SEO coach 

Sara Dunn

Sara Dunn is the industry's recognized no-nonsense expert for wedding planners, photographers, venues, and other wedding pros who want their websites to rank higher on Google. 

With a knack for making SEO easy to understand, she’s created a unique Wedding SEO Framework that simplifies what it takes to get your wedding business in front of your dream clients. 

Sara has been featured by Honeybook, Special Events, and NACE. She was named a WeddingPro educator for 2023 and has presented to audiences including WeddingPro, WIPA, Wedding MBA, and Two Bright Lights.

In the last year, Sara's framework brought her wedding clients over 1 million free visits to their websites. If you’re ready to reach rockstar status on Google, Sara’s ready to be your geeky best friend that shows you how it’s done. 

Sara Dunn

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