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Ready to book more weddings? I want to help.

If you’re a wedding pro looking for more inquiries, I’m prepared (and excited) to be your geeky best friend.

Every single day I study how engaged couples search online. I know wedding industry SEO backwards and forwards, and I’ve created a Wedding SEO Framework that will help you get found by your dream clients near you.

And I have good news! Getting more ready-to-book clients to visit your website doesn’t have to be technical and confusing.

You just need to know what search engines are looking for (and have a friend to guide you!).

Welcome and Pricing Guide

Thinking about working together? Me too.

Let me send you my Welcome & Pricing Guide.

Are you ready to rank higher on Google?

Here are a few ways to get SEO help.

Training for do-it-yourselfers

1 Hour sEO

If you don’t know where to get started with your Search Engine Optimization (SEO), this is it.

Get the exact framework I use to consistently jump 6+ pages on Google. You’ll learn the most important thing you can do for SEO—optimize your home page for your best keywords.

Just $37!

Keyword Research Workshop video
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Course for do-it-yourselfers

Wedding SEO Bootcamp

If you want all the benefits of a full SEO overhaul (without the overwhelm), join Wedding SEO Bootcamp when enrollment opens.

This is the ultimate SEO experience created specifically for wedding pros. You’ll learn what keywords to use, exactly where Google wants to see them, and how to track your results.

Most students start ranking higher in search results within days!

Plus, there’s a VIP option to add coaching with me, so you can get your SEO questions answered in real time each month. No more getting stuck!

Signature Program
Sarah Bessinger Kindred Weddings and events

I’m ranking in the #1 spot for my target keyphrase

When I switched my focus to small and intimate weddings, I knew clients who aligned with my mission must be out there. I was looking for them, but were they looking for me?

I created a beautiful website, but my ideal client couldn’t even find me online!

Enter the magic of SEO, and the magician herself, Sara. I’m getting so many more inquiries from couples who found me on Google because I’m ranking in the #1 spot for my target keyphrase.

Sarah Blessinger
Kindred Weddings and Events

Wedding SEO Bootamp Student
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7-Day Done-for-you SEO Service

The SEO Fix

If you’re looking for a done-for-you approach to improving your SEO, my trained team of SEO Associates can help.

Fast forward your SEO success with The SEO Fix. This 7-day SEO setup is a one-and-done way to jumpstart your rankings without needing to learn any of the technical stuff.

This is the easiest way to check SEO off your to-do list.

In-Depth SEO Overhaul

The SEO Intensive

Want to make Google your very own inquiry machine? We've got this.

The SEO Intensive is our 3-month done-for-you SEO program where we take a deep dive into your website and give it a complete SEO and content overhaul.

Please note: Availability is extremely limited. We only take one to two SEO Intensive clients per month to give your optimization our full attention.

Welcome and Pricing Guide

Thinking about working together? Me too.

Let me send you my Welcome & Pricing Guide.

Engaged couples are searching for you.

Let’s make sure your website gets found.

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screenshot of text conversation with happy SEO client