It's time to learn what you really need to know about SEO…

Even if you think you are already “OK at SEO”...


Or even if you don’t want to touch anything technical with a ten foot pole

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You might think that your basic knowledge of SEO will get you by. 

Or that you’re setting SEO expectations properly for your web design projects.  Or that SEO isn’t even your job.

The problem?  

Your website clients expect that you have the SEO knowledge to help them rank better (or at least not crash and burn 🔥).

And unfortunately, web designers are consistently letting their clients down when it comes to SEO.


How do I know?

Your frustrated clients are emailing me.

As an SEO specialist, I get inquiries from business owners who are disappointed in their website designers all. the. time. 

Here’s a small sample so you get… a taste 😳 👇

web designers didn't do SEO
web designer SEO problem
zero SEO on Squarespace thanks to a web designer
Email from client about web designer's SEO mistakes

These are real inquiries and emails.  From business owners who are frustrated with their websites and disappointed in the web designer they hired.

Which brings me to the tough question...

Are you sure one of those designers wasn’t you?   😳

I know you feel like “design” is the job you were hired for.

But what if I told you that a solid, basic, confident SEO setup could help you:


  • 📉  Prevent your client’s traffic from falling off a cliff when their new website is launched
  • 🤩  Gain raving fans who can’t wait to give you testimonials about how much your service helped their business grow
  • 🙅  Avoid negative reviews from clients who feel you over-promised on their SEO setup or results
  • 🤝  Close more sales because you can confidently explain how you add value with SEO


Let me show you how.


The SEO For Web Designers Workshop

The finally-OMG-I-understand-SEO solution for web designers who want to crush it for their clients

Sara Wedding SEO Bootcamp Instructor

The perfect SEO training for anyone who designs or builds websites for paying clients (and wants to do it right)

In this 2-hour workshop, you’ll learn how to:

  • Start every project with a foundation for success, by easily finding out how your client ranks on Google
  • Boost your clients’ rankings using basic SEO setup steps that anyone can learn
  • Avoid the top mistakes that web designers make, that tank your clients’ SEO and tarnish your reputation
  • Confidently set SEO expectations that you can actually meet
Sara Dunn SEO for Web Designers Workshop instructor

Meet Your SEO Coach

I’m Sara, and I’m a former web designer/developer turned full-time SEO specialist.  My awesome team of 7 and I helped our SEO clients get over 1 million visits from search engines last year.

Before I went all-in on SEO in 2018, I ran a digital agency specializing in web design and digital marketing for small to medium-sized businesses.

Now, after over 10 years in web development and optimizing over 200 websites on Showit, Squarespace, WordPress, and Wix, I know what it takes to create a high-converting website and get it found on Google.

And... I’ve seen a lot of experienced, professional web designers— with beautiful portfolios and a lot of clout— create absolute SEO disasters.

I want to help you avoid these critical mistakes, and give you the SEO knowledge you need.

Will you join me?

Here's what past students are saying...

Debbie Gander (1)

I appreciate Sara's help and teachings so much! Although I knew nothing about SEO, she never made me feel dumb, she spoke to us so kindly and her approach was simple and easy to follow.


Elise Kress

Sara was a fantastic teacher! Patient, clear (with difficult material!) knowledgeable and kind. If people didn't understand she took the time to rephrase and explain. We all benefited from the questions and her answers. Her grasp of SEO is monumental!



Sara Dunn is such an amazing educator! She is very knowledgeable about SEO AND also knows how to convey that information to anyone and everyone.


What’s Included in the SEO For Web Designers Workshop

2-hour recorded virtual workshop ($750 value)

I'll teach you exactly what you need to know for SEO success for your clients.


We’ll cover:

  • ✓  How Google actually works — in a way you can confidently explain to your clients
  • ✓  How to check your client’s current rankings on Google, so you truly understand how important SEO is to their business
  • ✓  The simple SEO setup steps that will have the most impact on your clients’ rankings (without taking hours of your time)
  • ✓  My process for image SEO— which can have a significant impact on your clients’ results
  • ✓  The 3 worst things you could possibly do in a website redesign (which I see designers do all the time)— and what to do instead


SEO for Web Designers Workshop materials

PLUS-These extra bonuses!

    • BONUS 1: SEO setup videos for Showit, Squarespace, WordPress, and Wix - learn the plugins I use and the settings that are a must for every website ($127 value)
    • BONUS 2: SEO Scripts Swipe File: My exact scripts for how you can reply to common SEO questions from clients and sound like a total pro ($97 value)
    • BONUS 3: The SEO for Web Designers Glossary:  My PDF guide to help you understand the basic terms clients are going to ask you about ($37 value)

My Workshop Guarantee

SEO for Web Designers Workshop money back guarantee

If you’re not 100% satisfied with the workshop, the strategies, or what you learned, I will offer you a full refund, no questions asked.  

I want to see you succeed and offer the best service possible for your clients.  If this doesn’t help you, I want you to use your investment on something else that will!

Give the workshop a try, and then decide if it adds value to your client experience.

Join me for the SEO For Web Designers Workshop

SEO for Web Designers Workshop materials

We'll cover:

    • 🛠  How Google actually works
    • 📈  How to check your client’s current rankings on Google
    • 💻 The simple SEO setup steps that will have the most impact on your clients’ rankings
    • 🖼  My process for image SEO
    • 🚫  The 3 worst things you could possibly do in a website redesign


And get these bonuses (for free!)

    • ✓  BONUS 1: SEO setup videos for Showit, Squarespace, WordPress, and Wix ($127 value)
    • ✓  BONUS 2: SEO Scripts Swipe File ($97 value)
    • ✓  BONUS 3: The SEO for Web Designers Glossary ($37 value)


Total Value: ($1,011)


Today's Price: Just $247!

Rachel Greiman
"The longer I've been a copywriter, the more I'm convinced that everyone involved in the creation of websites needs to know SEO. And while not all of us (or maybe any of us) will understand it to the degree that Sara does, we can certainly trust her to teach us the basics. She is who I hired for our team to learn SEO ourselves because she just straight up knows more than anyone else teaching it. Attend her workshop so we can all provide a better experience to our clients."

- Rachel Greiman, Green Chair Stories

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the workshop take place?

The workshop is pre-recorded.  You will get instant access to the recording and will have lifetime access, so you can watch whenever it is convenient for you.

How much time is required?

This pre-recorded workshop runs 2 hours. 

I already have some SEO knowledge.  Will I learn anything if I’m more intermediate-level?

So here’s the thing… I’ve seen a lot of designers who think they know SEO still making some big mistakes.  Over-optimizing, messing up their clients’ alt text, ignoring critical areas for optimization, following best practices from 10 years ago.

If you’re not a beginner, some of this content might be a useful repeat, and you’ll learn if you’re making any mistakes.  Plus, you get access to all of the bonuses.  I’d highly recommend this workshop for all levels.

I am a copywriter.  Will this be useful for me?

We aren’t going to cover much about content SEO in this workshop, focusing more on technical setup.  For that reason, I wouldn’t recommend this workshop for copywriters.

I don’t have clients yet.  Is this still a fit?

Sure!  If you plan to make websites for clients, learn to do the SEO right from the start!

woman typing on computer for seach results with cofee and papers on desk

Are You Ready to Confidently Tackle SEO?

Listen, you know how important a website is to your clients and their business success.

It’s time to stop ignoring the critical SEO setup steps that keep visitors coming to the gorgeous websites you build.

Boost the great work you’re already doing and turn clients into raving fans— without much extra work on your part.

Let me teach you how.