Are you spending hours
hustling for every inquiry?

... What if you didn't have to? 🤔



Get regular inquiries
without constantly selling your services. ?

By optimizing your website, you can get new leads (for free) every month

Show up on the first few pages of Google,
and you'll be right where your ideal couples are searching for you.

Search Engine Optimization makes that happen (and you really CAN do it yourself)

If you've already attempted
Search Engine Optimization
and it hasn't "worked" for you...


👎     Confusing SEO "how to" articles are written for everyone BUT creative wedding professionals.

👎     You're getting mixed messages about blogging (how much, how often, and what do you write about) and using keywords (which words to rank for, how much to use them, and where).

👎     SEO "pros" have talked down to you, and it's taken the wind out of your sails.

👎    The "tips" and "hacks" you find on the internet don't give you an actual step-by-step process to follow - and, fun fact, most of those SEO tips don't even apply to small wedding businesses.


How do I know this?


I know, because I help wedding pros like you show up higher on Google every day.

Hey, I'm Sara, and I specialize in SEO just for the wedding industry.

I've helped hundreds of wedding professionals get found on Google and bring in inquiries for years (without paying for advertising).

If I could sit across from you, I'd tell you that you're amazing at what you do and you don't need to "become an SEO Expert" to get more leads consistently.

You don't need to figure out SEO all on your own— because I've created the step-by-step process for you. 

I want to teach it to you, AND cheer you on along the way.  Can I tell you how I do it?

Since most SEO advice wasn't written for you - a busy, creative person - I know that you need to learn SEO differently:

No crazy technical jargon

No advice that doesn't apply to wedding industry businesses.

No making you feel frustrated (ever).

I'm dedicated to teaching you what I know will actually work.

My Wedding SEO Bootcamp and coaching program was created to help wedding professionals just like you.


Wedding SEO Bootcamp for Wedding Pros

The ultimate waste-no-time SEO experience for wedding business owners
who want to show up higher in Google searches.

Sara Wedding SEO Bootcamp Instructor

Get the benefits of SEO without the overwhelm


Wedding SEO Bootcamp was created just for wedding businesses
wedding planners, photographers, venues, florists, officiants, and more.

In Wedding SEO Bootcamp, you will...

    • Learn the most profitable keywords for YOU to use for your business, services and location
    • Stop throwing keywords everywhere and instead understand exactly where Google wants to see your keywords
    • Follow a step-by-step recipe to get your website (and those blog posts you worked so hard on!) found on Google by the ideal engaged couples you want to attract
    • Get new inquiries organically, over time, without hiring some SEO "magician" or constantly having to "be present" on social media
    • Avoid bad, outdated SEO advice that might hurt your rankings (in fact, after our class, you can ignore those "how-to" articles for good!)
    • Confidently track your results over time, so you know that your SEO efforts are actually working

Here's What Past SEO Bootcampers Are Saying...


"I would highly recommend that people take this class!"  

It is well worth the money...I have paid hundreds of dollars to SEO companies who don't understand my business as well as I do, and cannot make changes on the fly based on market changes or performance. 

Being able to do this yourself saves you hundreds, even thousands, of dollars over time!"

Albriana Shante Events

"Listen... since your course I've had soooo many referrals come in from Google searches"

"I've had calls after calls of people saying they found me on Google. I neverrrr would get prospects from Google. I've even had a conversation who paid at my new and higher percentage rate!"

Albriana Youyoute
Albriana Shante Events

Show up higher on Google and
attract ideal couples who want to hire you


Get started for only



With the 6-month payment option

Your 4-Module Wedding SEO Bootcamp Training Plan

(Yes, this course is just four quick modules! Reserve just four half-days to get it done)


Module 1

SEO Basics & Keywords

  • SEO basics (I'll keep the theory stuff short)
  • Keyword workshop (finally create a list of good keywords to go after, and know why)
  • Figure out where you rank right now


Module 2

On Your Site: Let's Optimize It!

  • Get your website's SEO set up, once and for all
  • Learn exactly how to optimize a page for good SEO-where to put your keywords and why
  • Optimize your home page for your most important keyword


Module 3

Blogging for SEO

  • Learn my step-by-step process for optimizing a featured wedding post
  • Get access to my "Big 4" blogging strategies for maximum traffic
  • Optimize your blog images to get found in Image Search



Module 4

Off Your Site: Backlinks & Google Business Profile

  • Learn why links matter
  • Get my secrets for gaining high-quality links
  • Optimize your Google Business Profile to show up on the map


When you join Wedding SEO Bootcamp, you'll get:

Exclusive Trainings and Checklists (valued at over $3,100)


    • 12 straight-to-the-point SEO training videos.  No boring theory here-these videos zoom in on exactly what you need to do for SEO as a wedding pro
    • Get-it-done 4-module training plan, so you can follow step-by-step to set up your SEO in just one week
    • Keyword Research Workbook, to keep track of all your amazing keyword ideas
    • Home Page Optimization Checklist
    • Setup video for Google Search Console
    • Recommended Free SEO Tools Checklist


Wedding SEO Bootcamp materials

PLUS-These extra bonuses!

Value of over $1100, and available only to Bootcampers

    • BONUS 1:   Step-by-step SEO setup and how-to videos for Squarespace, WordPress, Showit, and Wix, so you know all of your settings are right
    • BONUS 2:   Wedding Blog SEO: Step-By-Step Guide PDF, so you can follow my blogging framework every time
    • BONUS 3Track Your Rankings Video, so you know how to monitor your improvement
    • BONUS 4:   My Review Magnet Email Templates, so you can blow your competitors' review numbers out of the water
    • BONUS 5:   Over 10 hours of extra on-demand SEO training with access to all 45+ of my SEO Lunch & Learn videos
    • SPECIAL BONUS:  LIFETIME access to the Wedding SEO Bootcamp course & future updates


Christy Babb, wedding planner

"Every business owner needs this course!"

"Sara makes the lessons so easy to follow and act on. With just a couple of hours a day, I was able to implement everything she taught.  Now I know that my new website is set up to actually be found! "

- Christy Babb, Christina Burton Events

PS: Just 1 week after class, Christy's website jumped up 6 pages on Google.  She is now on Page 1 for multiple cities, including "Louisville wedding planner", "Lexington wedding planner", and "Kentucky wedding planner."

Show up higher on Google and
attract ideal couples who want to hire you


Get started for only



With the 6-month payment option

Ready for all the traffic and inquiries Google can send your way?

Choose your Wedding SEO Bootcamp experience

Wedding SEO Bootcamp materials

Wedding SEO Bootcamp Course Only

Do It Yourself (DIY) Course

$2654  $497

  • ?‍?  12 SEO training videos  ($1200 value)
  • ?️  4-Module Training Plan  ($67 value)
  • ?  Keyword Research Workbook  ($37 value)
  • ?  Home Page Optimization Checklist  ($29 value)
  • ⏯  Setup video for Google Search Console  ($39 value)
  • ?  Recommended Free SEO Tools Checklist  ($19 value)


Plus these bonuses (for free!)

  • ✓  BONUS: Wedding Blog SEO: Step-By-Step Guide PDF  ($97 value)
  • ✓  BONUS: Track Your Rankings video  ($29 value)
  • ✓  BONUS: Review Magnet Email Templates  ($37 value)
  •  BONUS: 40+ past SEO Lunch & Learn videos  ($600 value)
  • ✓  SPECIAL BONUS: LIFETIME access to all Wedding SEO Bootcamp videos & updates  ($500 value)


⭐️ Best Offer!! ⭐️

Full SEO Program + Coaching

Done-With-You Program

one-time payment of  $697
or - 6 monthly payments of  $127

  • ?‍?  12 SEO training videos  ($1200 value)
  • ?️  4-Module Training Plan  ($67 value)
  • ?  Keyword Research Workbook  ($37 value)
  • ?  Home Page Optimization Checklist  ($29 value)
  • ⏯  Setup video for Google Search Console  ($39 value)
  • ?  Recommended Free SEO Tools Checklist  ($19 value)


Plus these bonuses (for free!)

  • ✓  BONUS: Wedding Blog SEO: Step-By-Step Guide  ($97 value)
  • ✓  BONUS: Track Your Rankings video  ($29 value)
  • ✓  BONUS: Review Magnet Email Templates  ($37 value)
  •  BONUS: 40+ past SEO Lunch & Learn videos  ($600 value)
  • ✓  SPECIAL BONUS: LIFETIME access to all Wedding SEO Bootcamp videos & updates  ($500 value)


6 Months of Live Coaching + Ongoing Support


  • ?‍?   COACHING: Monthly Office Hours calls, so you can get your SEO questions answered live by me, every single month  ($1500 value)
  • 💻   COACHING: Private students-only Facebook group - Your 24/7 place to ask SEO questions, so you always have direct access to an SEO expert ($900 value)
  • ?   LIVE: Access to the Live group program - Hosted 1-2x per year, learn SEO with my coaching, accountability, and support. Join the most fun, dedicated group of wedding pros around to learn SEO together in just 2 weeks.  ($1900 value)
    • ❔  Live program includes 4 live Q&As, group coaching, live demos, prizes, and more!
  • ?  Access to 1-to-1 Hot Seats with me - the only way to hire me for direct help with your website by the hour!
  • 👩‍🔧  INDIVIDUAL SUPPORT: Keyword Review - My team will review your chosen keywords after the first module and send you an in-depth feedback video!  You'll know you're on the right track.


Imagine huge growth like Emma's:

"I used to get less than 2 clicks a day.  Now I get 150+"

- Emma Thurgood, Emma Thurgood Photography

photographer's SEO results posted to Facebook

Your results could be just like Amelia's:

"This is the best investment a venue could make. It’s so much better than social media or any other advertising. SEO is a valuable skill that you can have in your pocket for the rest of time."

- Amelia Holder, Emerson Fields

Facebook review for Wedding SEO Bootcamp

My Bootcamp Promise To You


With over 600 past Bootcampers, I don't doubt that you'll find the course training, bonuses and additional resources will help you show up higher on Google. We've seen so much success with the program and strategy for wedding professionals like you!

However, if you follow the strategies laid out in the lessons and do not see a positive change in your site's Google ranking within 60 days, I will refund your entire Wedding SEO Bootcamp purchase.

That's how much I believe in this program for you - and for the visibility of your business online.

What are you waiting for? Access the lessons immediately when you sign up today.

"Within the first week of finishing the course I got two inquiries through Google."

– Afshawn, Calligrapher

"Knowing how to do this myself was a game changer for my business."

– Oona, Wedding Photographer

"I've achieved first page rankings for pretty much every keyword I've targeted."

– Katherine, Wedding Officiant

Show up higher on Google and
attract ideal couples who want to hire you


Get started for only



With the 6-month payment option

Is Wedding SEO Bootcamp right for you?

Yes, it's for you, if...

✅  You have a decent level of comfort with editing your own website

✅  You’re willing to write for your site and your blog, if someone would just give you an outline of what to say

✅  You want to build a long-term, sustainable business, where you get inquiries without working for every single one

No, it's NOT for you, if...

?  You don’t want to touch your own website with a ten foot pole

?  You hate writing and also won’t pay someone else to do it for you

?  You're scrambling and need to get inquiries YESTERDAY


 It CAN be done. A little bit of time and effort can go a very long way. I've already seen improvements.

Wedding SEO Bootcamp is so tangible and actionable. Often courses like this don't feel like they have tangible tasks you can implement easily in your business, but every step of this process was implementable. And now I feel a lot more empowered to continue making updates on my own.

Blair Woerfel
BW Studio Events

Afshawn, SEO student

"I've already gotten 2 inquiries via Web Search in the first week after finishing Bootcamp!"

"Sara does an amazing job breaking things down to the key elements you actually need to know. She understands that as small business owners, we are already doing a million things for our business and that we don't have time to waste!

No matter what type of wedding pro you are, you can benefit from Wedding SEO Bootcamp!"

Afshawn Chakamian
AC Letters Calligraphy

Afshawn is on Page 1 for "San Diego calligrapher" and several other keywords!

Ashley gets her first Google inquiry
Wedding SEO Bootcamp Feedback
Testimonials from live class
Michelle's Wedding SEO Bootcamp testimonial
Haley-ranking-page-3-in-one-week (1)
Bianca's testimonial
Cilla's Wedding SEO Bootcamp testimonial

Are you finally ready to make SEO work for you and get found on Google?

Sara Dunn of Sara Does SEO

SEO is a long-term strategy that will continue to bring engaged couples to your website for years to come.

End the frustration of not knowing exactly what SEO means for your wedding business. Whether you're new to SEO or have had SEO success before, you'll love my proven step-by-step process to ensure your website is optimized to help future clients find you!

You can get started for as little as $127 a month for the next six months - and imagine what kind of traffic you'll be getting to your website by then!

What are you waiting for? Join us?

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this Bootcamp for?

I specialize in SEO for the wedding industry, so this is a perfect class if you're a wedding planner, photographer, videographer, venue, DJ, live band, officiant, makeup artist, calligrapher, baker, or floral designer who wants to show up higher in Google searches.

I currently focus on SEO for North America, so this Bootcamp is ideal if you are in the United States or Canada.  We have also had Bootcampers from Australia, UK, and Spain who have had great success, though I may have less experience in your area.

If you aren't sure if your business is a fit, I'm happy to help point you in the right direction.  Click here to email me.

Wait, is this a live class?  Or an online course?

Wedding SEO Bootcamp is a recorded online course with an optional live "Coaching" component!

All lessons are taught in recorded videos you can watch when it works for you.

Students who choose the Full Program + Coaching option for the class also receive coaching from me via 6 monthly Office Hours calls, a private Facebook group, and optional individual Hot Seats.

How much time will this take?

Every single video is 22 minutes or less.  You can watch each module's videos in under 40 minutes per day.

To watch the videos and implement the lessons, I recommend reserving just 2-3 hours per day for 4 days.  And... done!

What kind of results can I expect?

You'll leave Wedding SEO Bootcamp with a well-optimized home page, a great keyword list, a step-by-step process for optimizing your blog, and new backlinks.  You should see rankings improvement within days.

Whether you make it to Page 1 depends on the competition in your area, the quality of content on your website, your existing links and reviews, and many other factors.

woman typing on computer for seach results with cofee and papers on desk

Are you ready to whip your SEO into shape?

Let's shed the disappointment of having a fabulous website that gets 0 traffic.

Let's end the frustration of Googling your keywords and scrolling page after page to find your site in the results.

Let's toss those old, random SEO tips in the trash.

Your future clients are searching for you.  Let's make sure you get found.

I'll see you in class!

❤️  Sara