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Keyword Research Workshop

Are you hearing SEO advice about keywords and thinking:

“I don’t even know what keywords to pick!!” or

“What are you even talking about? Keywords?!”

If this sounds like you, you need to join me for my Keyword Research Workshop!

Keyword research helped me realize that there are a TON of low hanging keywords that can get me more specific traffic.  It’s not always about the BIG hard hitting phrases”

– Sarah B., wedding planner

Keyword Research Workshop video

Why You’ll Love the Keyword Research Workshop

In 60 short and sweet minutes, we’re going to craft your keyword plan for 2020.

  1. We’ll research keyword ideas from my favorite sources
  2. We’ll make a list of a ton of awesome keyword options
  3. We’ll look up how many searches those keywords actually get
  4. We’ll decide which keywords make sense for you and your business

You’ll leave knowing which keywords you’re going to target on your site next year to get found on Google.

AND you can finally follow my advice when I say “Put your focus keyword here…”

Also Included

In addition to the live video, I’ll include my Keyword Research Workbook spreadsheet—the exact spreadsheet I use when coming up with keyword ideas for my SEO clients!

Mark Your Calendar

The live Keyword Research Workshop will be Friday, December 6 at 1pm Eastern.  If you can’t make it live, don’t worry—I’ll send the full replay!

Keyword Research Workshop video